Meet the Team

Spread across two office locations; our team are highly collaborative and fun bunch to work with.  We're proud of our broad range of skills, honed to meet & exceed your needs! 

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Gerard Lill

Founder of ETS Australia over 15 years ago, Gerard has steadily built the business to become the highly successful and respected IT company it is today.

Although he often chooses to avoid the limelight, when it comes to aligning your Technology platform with your business goals, Gerard is the champion you want on your team.

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Daniel Subert

The longest surviving member of our elite forces, Daniel has evolved our IT platform to a thing of beauty!

We're very proud of Daniel's achievements for our customers, from in-depth business understanding to product to solution delivery.

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Martha McSevney

A hero for all of us, Martha keeps our business running.  Martha's heroism comes in many forms; from Executive Assistant go Gerard, to ensuring our financial stability; nothing works without Martha.

A proud mother of three beautiful children, and a level of physical fitness to make the rest of us cry, there is nothing Martha hasn't mastered!

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Colin Peady

Colin's experience is a massive asset to us, having managed networks with 10's of thousands of servers in a global financial institutions.  He keeps us on our toes, helping us learn and apply the most efficient practices for the benefit of our customers.

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Cameron Nyberg

Our eloquent IT guy,  excellent communicator and budding scripter.  Cameron can't say no to a challenge - just ask him!

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Jacob Launt

The machine; Jacob powers through to onslaught of requests & alerts, making sure our world (and our clients world!) keeps turning.